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Solar Trigeneration Energy Systems

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"Net Zero Energy" to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035

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Solar Trigeneration

The Leader in Solar Trigeneration Energy Systems

What is a "Solar Trigeneration" system?

A Solar Trigeneration energy system produces simultaneous cooling, heating and power (CHP) with the energy of the sun, and ZERO greenhouse gas emissions

The components of a solar trigeneration energy system include; 

Solar Trigeneration systems can be installed in new as well as existing facilities and will soon be the accepted standard for commercial customers requiring cogeneration or trigeneration energy, and located in sunny areas and electric rates are greater than $0.12/kWh.

Solar Trigeneration systems will also play a significant role in new "Net Zero Energy" buildings as well as upgrading existing commercial buildings where emissions abatement (reductions of nitrogen oxides, greenhouse gas emissions, etc.) opportunities exist along with incentives.


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Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?


Solar Trigeneration Energy Systems

Buildings of the Future  *  Net Zero Energy  Solar Thermal Systems  Solar Cogeneration

info (at) SolarTrigeneration .com







What is "Net Zero Energy?"

Net Zero Energy - when applied to a home or commercial building, simply means that they generate as much power and energy as they consume, when measured on an annual basis.

The U.S. Army now has a Net Zero Energy initiative to help reduce/eliminate America's use of foreign oil  - particularly oil from muslim/middle-east countries - which saves the lives of our brave soldiers in the military.

What does a Net Zero Energy home or building look like?

Net Zero Energy homes and commercial buildings can look like any other residential home, hospital, school or commercial office building, they do NOT have to be ugly or modern in appearance to be Net Zero Energy

And, your present home or commercial building can be updated to Net Zero Energy.









Net Zero Energy Market to Become $1.3 Trillion/year Industry by 2035


Net Zero Energy Buildings Are Coming - What About The Buildings Already Standing?

What is a Net Zero Energy Building sm

A Net Zero Energy Building sm produces as much energy as it uses over the course of a year. 

A Net Zero Energy Building sm is very energy efficient. The remaining low energy needs are typically met with on-site renewable energy. 

First of all, understand that there is no such thing as a "zero energy building!" EVERY building uses energy, or you may as well be in a cave!  

The important considerations are, 

1.  How efficient is the building?  

2.  How much energy does the building use, and how efficiently is it used?  

3.  How much renewable energy and clean power is generated by the buildings' own onsite renewable energy system?

4.  What are the utility company's prices for the excess power generated and sent to the grid?

5.  How difficult is it to interconnect the renewable energy system of the building with the utility company's powerlines/electric grid?

At the heart of a Net Zero Energy Building sm is the idea that any building can meet its energy requirements from low-cost, locally available, nonpolluting, renewable sources, like Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems. Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems are the idea whose time has come, to make Net Zero Energy Building sm commonplace.

Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems Provide All of the Cooling, Heating & Power, for Any Size Building, with only the Energy of the Sun. Solar Trigenerationsm Energy Systems Provide Simultaneous  Cooling, Heating & Power whether it is 12 Noon, or 12 Midnight,  and WITHOUT having to rely on the electric grid!

The Department of Energy developed the Commercial Building Initiative (CBI) and is pursuing the goal of marketable Net Zero Energy Building through research and partnerships. 

The DOE's CBI has developed tools and resources to help the commercial buildings industry improve energy efficiency at various levels of energy savings.


Graphic image showing an arrow going left to right, with the point at the right. To the right of the point, the text reads, 'Goal by 2025: marketable net-zero energy buildings.' Four points on the arrow are indicated with black lines and text below each line. Moving left to right, the text reads: 1. Base Scenario: Current commercial building codes and standards. 2. 30% Energy Savings: Advanced Energy Design Guides 3. 50% Energy Savings: Commercial Building Energy Alliances and High Performance Buildings Database 4. 100% Marketable Net-Zero Energy Building: Definitions and Net-Zero Energy Database


What is a "Solar Cogeneration" (or Solar CHP) energy System?

A Solar Cogeneration (or simply "Solar CHP") energy system combines a: 

1.  Solar Electric Power System with a 

2. Solar Water Heating System (which generates hot water with either solar thermal collectors or evacuated tube collectors)

for the best of both worlds. 

Our Solar Cogeneration energy systems provides a significantly higher return on investment, along with higher overall system efficiencies.

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